“Demetra made me feel so comfortable right away. She is amazingly warm and is really attentive. I feel she genuinely cares about helping people and that is her main goal. When you are having a particularly bad day she genuinely expresses her concern and does her magic to try to help any physical pain. I have been going for several months and the neuropathy in my feet is improving steadily and I have to say I am feeling much more relaxed and sleeping better too (a welcome side effect).” ~Debbie G.

“I’d always been too nervous to try acupuncture because I really don’t like needles. However, I’ve had bad migraines for years and a friend recommended it. Demetra is fantastic. She did a great job getting to know me and my issues during our first appointment. She took into consideration my issue with needles and I had no problems at all. I’ve returned once a month or every other month and my migraines have been much better. I highly recommend Demetra.” Jessica R.

“Really wonderful first acupuncture experience, thank you Demetra. Demetra was very easygoing to make the whole experience very simple/ relaxing. Will be back soon, thanks for your knowledge and dedication, definitely really helped to quiet my overactive mind and allow natural self-healing. Keep up the excellent work, highly recommend and will be telling my friends/ colleagues about this.” Theresa G.

“I’ve been studying for an excruciating test for the past year (CPA) and was experiencing an extremely hard time focusing, not to mention the anxiety that comes with studying for a major test. A week before my first test, I decided that I needed to do something to help me focus—- everything I was previously doing was not cutting it. Almost immediately after the acupuncture session, I felt unusually calm and grounded.  My mind, for once, was not in a million places at one time. Later that day, I was studying for my test, and noticed that it was easier for me to focus and retain knowledge. I do believe that it does work and has helped me with my test taking.” Clarissa P.