Health Consultations

**Update March 15th: Acupuncture patients are welcome to schedule health consultation appointments to continue treatment protocols with alternative modalities during the shelter-in-place.**

Are you wondering how to choose herbal products? Do you have ongoing health issues that are not responding to treatments? Are you interested in understanding how you can support your health more effectively and reliably? Have you been using all kinds of herbs without getting the results you hope for? Are you wondering where to begin or how to navigate the world of holistic healthcare?

It can be very challenging to understand how to use botanical medicine and holistic therapies effectively. While many people feel a sense of trust when looking to the natural world for healthcare support, it is important to be aware that alternative and complementary medicine is big business, with consumers spending over $30 billion each year, and as such the same profit motives that are perceived to undermine healthcare quality in the world of conventional medicine can and do exist in ‘natural’ medicine as well.

I am happy to offer healthcare consultations with the goal of building a trusted relationship with you as an educator and counselor. I have nearly two decades of clinical experience working directly with clients dealing with a vast spectrum of health issues and goals. My professional training and experience includes a Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, thousands of hours of supervised clinical training, four completed certificate programs in western herbal studies, hundreds of hours of professional continuing education spanning TCM, western medicine, herbal medicine, and emergency medical response, and personally providing over 20,000 direct patient visits as the Founder and Lead Provider at Yerba Buena Community Acupuncture. (Please see my professional CV for complete details of my training and professional experience.)

Consultations are conducted by telephone. To request an appointment time or inquire about more information, please email, or text 415-710-7363.

What we will do in a holistic health consultation:

My sessions are designed to make the best use of our time together. Depending on your concerns, we may meet once or many times as you prefer. I like to start off with simple remedies and see how you do. For complicated cases, I prefer that we get to know each other over several visits and develop a balanced plan to address your health goals in a steady, achievable manner, rather than inundating you with a dozen different treatments right off the bat. You are always welcome to make quick follow-up appointments any time to check in, adjust or update your plan, or we can meet for a lengthier session any time in the future if you would like to dive deeper.

What I don’t do:

In my consulting work, my role is as an educator, herbal counselor, and support and resource provider. While I am a licensed acupuncturist and practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as a certified herbalist in the Western tradition, I am not a medical doctor and I am not qualified to make medical diagnoses in the paradigm of conventional medicine, nor will I advise you to start or stop any medications prescribed by other healthcare providers. I also won’t suggest the use of chemical supplements, off-label pharmaceutical uses, or expensive, rare, or at-risk botanicals.

I believe, and my clinical experience has proven to me, that simple, accessible healing protocols are the most likely to be implemented and will create the greatest and most lasting change in people’s lives.

If I have a concern that you are experiencing a medical condition of urgent or serious nature, I will advise you to seek a professional opinion from the appropriate provider, and I am happy to assist you in researching an accessible and affordable way of doing so. I am also happy to find referrals for you for other healthcare providers and assist you in evaluating what kind of holistic treatments might work best for you, and to refer you to other consultants if I feel that you would be better served by another provider.

I do not have an ideological belief that any particular healthcare intervention is more or less *superior* to any other, only that there are times when some are more or less *appropriate* than others. I don’t believe that all pharmaceutical medications are ‘bad’ or that all herbal products are ‘good,’ and you won’t find me bound by any rigid systems of thinking or judgement on your choices or lifestyle.

I welcome all people to my practice and support your self-determination and autonomy in pursuing your personal health goals.

Session Services and Fees

My rate is $25 for a half-hour session. I’ll ask you to complete some intake form before our first visit, during which we’ll discuss your current state of health and your health goals, and begin a plan for addressing them. (If you would like more time, you are welcome to let me know; my rate is $50/hour.)

After our session you will receive a written plan based on our discussion and decisions we have made, as well as delivery of (or recommendations for where to obtain) custom herbal products to begin using.

Feel free to schedule a session anytime after our initial meeting to update me on changes, get refills of custom formulations, ask quick questions, or discuss new goals.

Custom herbal products can be provided by myself from my apothecary or I can direct you to local/available resources for putting together your own. Costs will vary based on the ingredients but are generally $5-10/ounce.

Longer sessions are available depending on schedule availability.

To request an appointment time or inquire about more information, please email, or text 415-710-7363.