Group Acupuncture Sessions

yerba-buena-49.jpgGroup acupuncture sessions can be created for combining with guided meditation or breathwork. A specific point selection can be created to enhance the meditation experience, creating a physical and physiological support for the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual engagement during the meditation. Points chosen support the process of energy shifting that takes place during the guided meditation.

Yerba Buena Community AcupunctureGroup sessions are held in a dedicated space to begin and end together. Attendees are seated comfortably. Your acupuncturist will make her way through the group, gently setting the day’s point selection on each person. Your guide will then lead the group through the meditation and breathing sequence, while the group members rest comfortably. Points will then be removed and everyone allowed to rest for several minutes more before the conclusion of the session.

We are partnering with Ratna Ling Retreat Center to bring group acupuncture services to retreats on site. Please visit their website to learn more.