Community Acupuncture

Yerba Buena Community Acupuncture

Community acupuncture adds the benefit of a collective healing atmosphere to the tradition of lying quietly with needles in place. The soothing atmosphere in the treatment space exists because all of our patients create it by relaxing together. This kind of collective stillness is a rare and precious thing in our rushed and busy society.

In a community acupuncture setting, people are given acupuncture treatments in a shared space while relaxing in recliner chairs. Points for acupuncture are used that are mostly on the hands and feet, and arms and legs, if pant legs and sleeves can be rolled up. Needles may also be placed on the head, ears, and abdomen if appropriate.

During the first visit, we spend a few minutes going over initial intake paperwork and asking questions about what you would like to be treated for; return patients will check in briefly. Then it is time to settle them in a chair with shoes off and pant legs and sleeves rolled up. After checking pulse and tongue, your acupuncturist will begin placing acupuncture needles in a collection of points. This just takes a few moments. Once you are comfortable enough to remain relaxed in the chair for the next half-hour or so, you rest while the acupuncturist goes on to treat the next person.

People usually feel very relaxed about 10-15 minutes into treatment, and often fall asleep. Most people enjoy resting for about 45 minutes or so, when they can give a nod to indicate readiness to have the needles removed and the treatment end.

Cost: Community acupuncture treatments are $20, payable at the time of service, and can be made with cash, check, credit or debit card, or Flexible Spending or Health Savings accounts. Payments can also be made in advance via Paypal; please let us know when you schedule your appointment if you would like to pay online.

Schedule: We are actively pursuing a location to host weekly community acupuncture clinics in the Timber Cove area. Sign up for our newsletter to be updated when we are open!